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Banking 2030: The Where and How of Data and AI for Banking

The PwC Banking 2020 Survey reveals 54% of respondents state enhancing customer data collection is a priority – “Customers (and banks themselves) now generate exponentially more information than ever before.”

Data lies at the heart of innovation for banking.

Exacerbating this challenge is the poor state of data, preventing banks from realising the full potential of investments in new technologies. High-quality, easily accessible data, the necessary fuel for any technology solution, is still not widespread. 

It’s time to fix the data problem before undertaking radical technology transformation and slowly chip away at technical debt via core modernisation.

In Banking 2030 brochure, you’ll discover

  • How traditional capture technology, like OCR, can’t digitise all data

  • How to use more of your data for your automation programmes

  • Which use cases benefit from better, cleaner and digitised data

Discover how to transform and digitise all your data, regardless of format, for your automation programme.

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