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451 Research: AntWorks’ AI and RPA triggers growth

According to Carl Lehmann, 451 Research, companies are now open to AntWorks’ unique combination of AI & RPA and

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According to SSON, "task automation almost always has a savings component (less effort, higher quality, and faster) as its chief benefit. Automating the experience using IA, however, creates value in terms of loyalty, upsell opportunities and possibly brand reputation that are far more significant." 

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Build BOTS Easier and Faster with Digital Workforce Management

Digital Workforce Management allows you to build bots without writing a single line of code.

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HFS Research: Why You Need An Integrated Automation Focus to Drive Growth

How Indecomm is reinventing mortgage services with an Integrated Automation Platform 

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Mercer Improves Processing Speed by 70 Percent

Leading HR firm Mercer uses Antworks solutions to enhance customer experience, improve compliance and make faster business decisions.

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John Hancock Automates Insurance Claims Processing

National insurance provider, John Hancock, had a lengthy processing period for detailed documents.

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Global Mortgage Provider Benefits from Greater Accuracy and Productivity

Global mortgage provider uses AntWorks’ Integrated Automation Platform to process over 3,000,000 mortgages 90 percent faster, with 99.9 percent accu

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Leading Indian Bank Drastically Improves Extraction Accuracy

This leading financial institution was overwhelmed with documents that required tedious processing.

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Leading Transport and Logistics Provider Reduces Billing Errors

One of the world's largest transport and logistics providers reduced processing time by 63 percent using AntWorks rule-based data selection tools.

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Airline Service Provider Reduces Processing Time by 50 Percent

This leading airline service provider streamlined their multi-vendor invoice processing in a multilingual context using AntWorks IAP solutions.

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Global Insurer Gains a 200% Productivity Increase

This Fortune 500 insurance company increased productivity by 200 percent by using the ANTstein Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) to automate its

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