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How Commercial Insurance Gains an Edge by Digitising Data


Today’s customers expect automated simplicity and where they are satisfied, they’ll stay. The improved experience through data-driven engagements promises to be productive across a variety of factors: cost, cross-selling, personalised products and innovation.

Commercial insurance, traditionally characterised by fragmented, intermediated relationships often delegated to third parties, is waking up to the modern, digitised age.

Brokers and insurers need to make sure all data is digitised so that it can feed analytics, drive automation, and provide the customer insights that are sorely needed to keep up in today’s markets. 

Included in this special report by SSON, How Commercial Insurance Gains an Edge by Digitising Data:

  • Know the Data, Know Your Customer: Challenges of the Commercial Insurance Industry

  • Data as Ultimate Enabler: Interview with Rahul Jain at Swiss Re

  • Waking Up to Digitisation: Rethinking the Digital Strategy

  • Shift to Predicting & Preventing Based on Reliable Data Analytics: Interview with Ravish Chaudhary at Swiss Re

  • Plugging the Gap of Insufficiently Digitised Data

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