Purpose of the position

The position should be able to liaison seamlessly with the Product Engineering, Sales Engineering and Delivery teams to deliver quality work products within scope, time and budget focused on ensuring client satisfaction. The position should also be able to mentor junior data scientists in day-to-day tasks. 

Essential Job Function

A senior data scientist who can demonstrate thought leadership and translate them into actionable work products in text/image-based artificial intelligence. The ideal candidate should possess programming experience in Python/R (C++ will be a plus) for analysing structured and unstructured data and build models using deep learning techniques. He/she should be an innovative thinker and possesses the ability to bring a varied perspective to problem-solving using data, statistical, algorithmic, deep learning and visualization techniques. He/she should possess a proven track record of leading and mentoring a team of high performing data scientists.

Basic Qualification

Education: PhD/Master’s degree in Computer Science/Data Science / Mathematics / Statistics /Allied Fields

Essential Qualification:

  • At least 9 years of experience in machine learning with at least at least 4 years of hands-on experience in developing enterprise class and scalable models using deep learning/Natural Language Processing including Natural Language Understanding/Natural Language Inference
  • Hands-on experience in achieving data parallelism/model parallelism using multiple GPUs
  • Exposure to pre-processing techniques to enhance documents to aid accuracy of extraction
  • Solid mathematical foundations of machine learning/deep learning/computer vision
  • Hands-on experience in Tensor Flow, Keras, PyTorch, NLTK
  • Hands-on experience in Python/R/C programming
  • Compilers: Anaconda/ ANT
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Business mindset

Desirable Technical background

  • Exposure to various opensource and proprietary OCR/ICR for extracting both Latin and non-Latin scripts
  • Exposure to MLOps – implementing and automating continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and continuous training (CT) for machine learning (ML) systems
  • Experience in building NLP solutions for Japanese/Thai/Arabic/Chinese Languages
  • Experience in Natural Language Processing including Natural Language Understanding/Natural Language Inference
  • Experience in developing enterprise class scalable and self-learning NLP solutions/engines
  • Fractal Structures and Distributions
  • Fractal dimension for data mining
  • Image based fractal analysis
  • Self-resonance and self-similarity