CyberArk integration eases credential management

CyberArk integration eases credential management
AntWorks October 18, 2018

AntWork's transformational suite of solutions leverages a complement of AI and RPA technologies to help enterprises automate effectively in order to enhance productivity, provide a shorter time to market and enhance customer delight as well as reduce costs. One of which is the ANTstein QueenBOT, a robotic process automation platform which provides tools for automating business processes that are repetitive, mundane and involving rules-based decisions.

QueenBOT enables the business user to automate the processes instead of a developer using intuitive BOTbuilder and to publish and deploy to various target machines via Orchestrator. CyberArk, the global leader in privileged access security, helps protect enterprises from cybersecurity threats by securely managing privileged accounts, credentials and secrets.

Based upon customer demand, AntWorks and CyberArk have developed an integration between QueenBot and CyberArk Application Identity Manager that simplifies compliance requirements without interrupting the continuous delivery pipeline.  The AntWorks-CyberArk plug-in is now available at no charge to AntWorks customers.

QueenBOT provides the RPA features in a simplistic way that a business user will be able to create Bots. The time taken for creating the automation using QueenBOT is only fraction of other tools in the market. Security is a main tenet of the QueenBOT product to make all the enterprise process automations are well secured and reliable. The integration with CyberArk is a necessary step towards protecting an organization’s credentials.

AntWorks clients in banking, financial services, and insurance verticals have standardized on CyberArk for managing, securing and monitoring the passwords and other credentials used by privileged users. With this integration, companies using both AntWorks platform and CyberArk can now strengthen their overall security posture while accelerating business process automation.  

CyberArk Application Identity Manager is part of the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution.  Application Identity Manager enables organizations to protect critical business systems by eliminating hard-coded credentials from application scripts, configuration files and software code as well as removing SSH keys from servers where they are used by applications and scripts. CyberArk offers agent and agentless deployment options to best meet the security and availability requirements of various business applications.

AntStein QueenBot Diagram and Description of Product Integration

QueenBOT can be integrated with CyberArk Application Identity Manager via two ways such as Orchestrator and individual target machine.