One thing that commercial and personal insurers around the globe have in common: tons of documents and data to classify and capture in order to automate business processes.

Approximately, 80% of your data is unstructured. This type of data resides in emails, handwritten documents and images. Manual entry of this information is too expensive and time consuming. And OCR won’t be able to digitise it. So how can you digitise all your information to make it available and useable for downstream processes? Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR).


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Commercial & Personal Insurers Solving the Data Digitisation Challenge


Commercial Insurance Webinar

In this webinar we welcomed Mercer’s Global Automation Leader, Kieran Gilmurray who will reveal how he is planning to address accelerated digitisation in the Commercial. . .

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Cognitive Machine Reading datasheet

Cognitive Machine Reading combines the power of AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Vision, Natural Language Modelling (NLM)

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How Commerical Insurance Gains an Edge by Digitising Data

Exploring the current challenges of insurance industry and how data digitisation is needed now for operational resiliency.

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What Industry Experts & Customers Say

Mike Smart
Mike Smart
Sr Digital Transformation Analyst

“AntWorks CMR’s high accuracy across the tested document types, even with small training sets, and its outstanding ease-of-use allows buyers to democratise the use of document cognition across the organisation easily.”


Rick Koo
Rick Koo
Digital Technology Leader

"While evaluating vendors for our digital transformation project, we were impressed with AntWorks’ capability and vision…we appreciate their strength and focus in using a business-led approach, instead of a technology-led approach, to problem solving.”


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