Automate document indexing to accelerate business processes

One of the biggest process challenges is organising and deciphering the vast amount of unstructured data collected. Auto Indexer accelerates your journey by making your documents organised and usable.

With Auto Indexer you can:

Ensure next-level data management

Read and process large volumes of documents and classify and index them with a high degree of accuracy.

Accelerate your automation

Automated document indexing allows you to accelerate your robotic process automation (RPA) journey.

Streamline document and data flows

Gain visibility into and automatically understand and organise your data.

Ensure more agile decision-making

Make better, faster business decisions with a faster data supply chain.

Auto Indexer – key features

Part of the ANTsteinTM Integrated Automation Platform (IAP), Auto Indexer takes the identification and classification of documents to the next level.


Document Identification

Machine learning automates the identification of documents.

Document Classification

Classifying documents manually can be laborious and error-prone. Our solution automates the complex process of classification without reading the content.

Document Indexing

Based on the type of document and patterns within it, our solution is able to accurately index, making it easily searchable.

How Auto Indexer benefits your business

Auto Indexer drives the rapid classification and indexing of documents. But what are the actual benefits for your business?


Eliminate manual work

Auto indexing automates document classification and eliminates the tedious process from your process journey.

Improve customer experience

Drive better customer experiences with quicker and more accurate access to relevant documents.

Lower costs

Better indexing means you can optimise processing productivity to help reduce costs.

Ensure compliance

More accurate indexing provides a full picture of your data to reveal any hidden risks, such as non-compliance.

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