We believe that building meaningful and sustainable relationships with industry analysts is essential to the development of our company and solutions. We also think it's extremely important to create the sufficient time and the right space to allow analysts to pause and THINK about the new ideas and products we’re presenting to the world.

RetreatWhich is why in 2019 we launched our inaugural annual analyst retreat – ANTENNA – to unveil our integrated automation platform, ANTsteinTM SQUARE to an exclusive group of the world’s leading industry analysts, in the most spectacular and captivating of settings.

Antenna was designed specifically to become the ANTithesis of the conventional gathering of grey suits in a stuffy hotel conference room. That’s simply not our style. Instead, analyst guests cleared two days on their calendars, and travelled from around the globe to join us in The Maldives to talk innovation, debate trends – and importantly, spend time connecting with our colony as people.


A retreat that’s moving forward

In keeping with Antenna’s location criteria: “beautiful and captivating environments that allow analysts to step outside the corporate box and gain a new perspective”, this year, Antenna took place January 15th - 18th in the Turks and Caicos. Next year we will journey to another exclusive location, more details to follow.