Effortless subscription-based invoice processing

Without the right technology, approving, processing and paying large volumes of invoices is daunting. AntWorks provides a subscription-based hosted service that:

Optimises processes

Eliminate manual work, increase accuracy and achieve straight- through invoice processing.

Improves business relationships

Catch problem invoices early and ensure vendors are paid according to agreed SLAs.

Ensures better use of resources

Reallocate operational resources from manual, error-prone tasks to more value-added work.

Improves transparency

Visibility into data and approval processes automates your accounts payable operations.

Accounts Payable As a Service: Key Features


How AntWorks’ hosted service enables straight-through processing of invoices for accounts payable.



Register and upload your invoices into our easy-to-use, intuitive, pre-trained and AI-enabled invoice processing platform.


Receive real-time notification of your work queue, estimated time of completion and status.


Quality check your data through advanced dashboard console and choose the format (JSON, XML, Excel, CSV, etc.) to export the data. You can also use one of our pre-built connectors for your ERP or accounting system.

How Accounts Payable as a service benefits your business

AntWorks’ accounts payable automation optimises your invoice processing. With our hosted service in place, your organisation can derive significant business benefits with:

Faster processing

Experience a significant improvement in invoice processing turn-around time.

Improved compliance

Invoice data is accurately recorded and has an audit trail, making data transparent and easily accessible during audits.

Reduced costs

Optimise revenue management by avoiding late payment penalties and making better use of operational resources.

Higher accuracy

Data extraction is highly accurate, no matter what language, document format or data type is involved.

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