Ovum On the Radar- AntWorks ANTstein offers a data led approach to Robotic Automation

01 Aug 2019

Saurabh Sharma
Principal Analyst

According to the report, “With core RPA features and capabilities expected to be commoditized over the next two to three years, intelligent process automation (IPA) capabilities have emerged as a key source of competitive differentiation for RPA platform vendors.

Most RPA platform vendors offer integrations with several commercial and open source AI/ML products to deliver an IPA proposition. Only a few vendors have developed dedicated AI intellectual property (IP) to deliver superior IPA capabilities. AntWorks is relatively well placed in this regard having developed fractal network-based ML IP.”

Key messages:

  • ANTstein SQUARE is positioned as an integrated automation platform delivering a greater degree of automation than common RPA solutions, even when combined with an optical character recognition (OCR) engine. 
  • In terms of core RPA, AntWorks offers digital workforce management led by QueenBOT for configuring modular ANTbots that can sit on desktops, run on servers, or on the cloud to execute tasks. 
  • AntWorks offers cognitive machine reading (CMR) along the lines of intelligent OCR and machine vision. CMR offers data curation capabilities with a multiformat data ingestion engine and exploits fractal network-based ML for faster and more accurate processing. 
  • AntWorks provides vertical industry-specific accelerator templates, for example for banking and financial services, insurance, retail, healthcare, and life sciences industries, and functional accelerators, for example for HR and finance functions for faster time to value.

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