AntWorks named a Leader in the NelsonHall NEAT for Intelligent Automation Platforms 2019

AntWorks is named a Leader in the following categories:

  • Overall – Intelligent Automation Platforms
  • End-to-End Intelligent Automation Capability
  • Ease of Intelligent Automation Adoption & Scaling
  • Bot Human Co-working SSC Capability
AntWorks is named an Innovator for its ‘Ability for Business Process Owners to Develop Automation’. According to Mike Smart, Senior Analyst, “AntWorks is among the most intriguing competitors in the cognitive automation sector, combining a sweeping vision of full-stack automation from machine vision through traditional automation and well into the realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning.”


AntWorks’ clients perceive ANTsteinTM to deliver superior capture and classification of unstructured data, in particular:

  • Superior natural language-based classification using limited datasets
  • Ability to use codeless recorders
  • Ability to deliver greater than 70% accuracy at PoC stage

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