Client Case Study Indecomm Global Services: Why you need an integrated automation focus to drive growth

By HFS Research’s Elena Christopher, Research VP and Phil Fersht, CEO

CEO - Financial Services

CEO and Chief Analyst
HFS Research

Research Vice President
HFS Research

More than a decade after the global financial crisis, the US mortgage industry is much more regulated to better protect consumers (as well as global financial stability). But, process complexity and associated costs have grown exponentially, with the Mortgage Banking Association estimating that loan production costs have increased by approximately 60% since 2012.

Indecomm’s Integrated Automation Platform Core

This HFS case study spotlights Indecomm Global Services, a provider of SaaS-based technology and services to the mortgage industry, and its Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) partner AntWorks. Indecomm is leveraging integrated automation to transform how mortgages are originated and serviced, which is great for both its customers and its top-line performance.