The techy bit: Features and functions

Our philosophy at AntWorks has always been “Process challenge first, Technology solution second”. It stems from our Founders’ fundamental belief that to solve any business problem properly you have to understand it first from the business-users perspective. Process will always trump product. However we also recognize that the product features and differentiators remain absolutely critical to the end-result. So, for those who want to delve into the techy-bit, here it is:



  • Graphic User Interface to setup and configure: Easy to install and use
  • Machine Learning Modules built-in to improve the accuracy : Supervised, adaptive, deep and reinforced learning methods
  • Pre-processing module: Enhances the quality of the image for better readability by 7% to 12% leading to cleaner data
  • Business Rules layer to input business rules, Conditional rules, dependent rules, assignment rules or arithmetic operations - all through an intuitive user interface
  • Highly scalable: Vastly improves your business case and long-term ROI due to lower number of exceptions resulting from cleaner data
  • Elastic enough to integrate with existing workflows and downstream systems through configurable APIs
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Flexible installation models: On-premise, Cloud based
  • Robust Security → In-built credential vault and integration with industry standard, CyberArk. Data transmission secured with TLS 1.2 and data storage encrypted with AES
  • Provides Data certainity with help of Confidence Metrics
  • Export data to downstream consumption in varied formats viz CSV, JSON,XML,DB schema