AntWorks ANTstein aimed at taking the sting out of choosing between AI, ML tools

22 Mar 2019

William Fellows

Founder & Research VP

Even as bold as it is, AntWorks is working on weaponizing the underlying message of its ‘Intelligent Automation 2.0’ strategy, which for buyers seeking to take advantage of AI and cognitive technologies for intelligent automation should be that ANTstein takes the sting out of having to choose between machine learning, neural networks, Tensorflow, Bayesian and Watson. This is more than an RPA discussion and AntWorks believes it can resolve this discussion. An additional round of financing will enable AntWorks to accelerate this proposition and its position in the market.

ANTstein is presented as a ‘full stack’ solution but has been designed for modular consumption. The 2019 focus for ANTstein will be increasing bot productivity (via cognitive bots, intelligent data harvesting and intelligent real-time digital workforce management) and verticalizing the platform for target markets. This is designed primarily for enterprises doing algorithmic collections of data rather than going down the data lake path.

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