IDP Playbook

Organisations are dealing with multiple types and volumes of data and more than 80-85% of it is in unstructured or semi-structured format. Applying RPA to these data sets results in automation failure and fatigue. Resolving this data challenge to enable Straight-Through-Processing is key to an enterprises’ Intelligent Automation success.

Outdated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies are not fit for purpose to resolve these data challenges. OCR would provide 50-70% accuracy, require 100% manual Quality Control and is limited in its ability to deal with different types of data. These requirements can only be addressed by AI-based IDP solutions, which are capable of processing unstructured or semi-structured documents with greater accuracy and are more resilient to changes.

IDP software solutions like AntWorks’ Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR), a Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix™, blend the power of AI technologies to efficiently process all types of documents and curate data before feeding into downstream applications.

Key benefits of IDP solutions include:

  1. Improves compliance and governance
  2. Faster turnaround times due to increased straight through processing
  3. Improves accuracy with minimum manual intervention
  4. Reduces the overall cost of processing huge volumes of data
  5. Increases productivity and efficiency of digital & non-digital workforce
  6. Streamlines document tracking
  7. Improves employee experience

AntWorks has a data-driven Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) approach combining Data Curation and Digital Workforce Management. With this experience and Everest Group’s research we present a unique practical framework to guide enterprises on successful strategies for adopting, scaling, and extending the scope of automation using IDP solutions. Download your complimentary copy now.